300mm Adjustable Square Set Right Angle Ruler


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Product Description


The try square set is using high quality stainless steel, sturdy and durable for long time use.
Consist of a 300mm steel ruler and adjustable square head for accurate measuring.
Helping you to make a true accurate angles and lines with the ruler and head.
Multifunctional purposed, can be used as a 45 degree miter, height or depth gauge.
Save a lot of tools for measuring, make your workbench clean and tidy, very convenient to use.


Product categories: combination try square

Scope of application: multi purpose

Resolution: 00

Size: 30cm (combination square small base), 30cm (large square base

Weight: 120 g

Graduation value: mm

Measuring range: 300mm

Material: stainless steel

Package includes: 1pc try square

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