Super Strong 4 Braided 100M Strong Horse Fishing Line


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Super Strong 4 braided 100M strong horse fishing line PE line braided line green label Multifilament Abrasion Resistant Fishing

1.Supper strong PE braided line, new generation PE material, superior abrasion, slow water absorption and good water cut

2.Thinner diameter with super strong power

3.Consistent roundness and unique smoothness increase casting distance for smoother and quieter during casting

4.12 Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene ( PE ) strands, 15 times stronger than other braided line and zero stretch

Best material layer ensure anti-bite easily; Thin diameter offers accurate casting ultra powerful with high energy superior abrasion resistance

5.Wide Applications: It can be used for bass, trout, walleye, musky or any other kind of fish; great performance in freshwater fishing, sea fishing, surfing fishing, ice fishing or bow fishing.

Product Details:

Model: Braided Line

Shape: Level

Material: Braided Wire

Buoyancy: Floating