Portable First Aid Kit Choking Rescue Device Family Combo Kits for Adult Children


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Product Description

  • Phlegm suction first-aid device: non-invasive sputum suction first-aid device, which can s-ave lives in case of airway obstruction emergency, and is simple and practical in daily life.
  • Short suction duration: the suction duration is the shortest, so the equipment is safe and effective. Under normal circumstances, there is no need to replace the equipment, just replace the mask every 2-3 years.
  • Reasonable structure: the plunger that generates negative pressure can suck out obstacles more effectively. The exhaust v-alve is used to discharge air from the main body to ensure its strong suction.
  • Soft silica gel: The First A-iddevice for asphyxia is made of silica gel, which is soft and comfortable to wear. Small and light, easy to carry, very suitable for travel.
  • 2 masks: easy to use design. If you live alone, you can use it yourself in case of choking emergency. It is equipped with child and adult face protection covers to meet your different needs.
Package Including:
1X Asphyxiation rescuer Kit or only Replaced Mask
(1 Complete Set include: 1*Check valve + 1*Children’s mask + 1*Adult mask;
5 in 1 Set include :1*Check valve + 2*Children’s masks + 2*Adult masks)