Rechargeable Torch Side Light Window Hammer Break Phone Charger


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Product Description

Power: 3W

Battery: 1200mAh

Size: 16.5CM*4.9CM

Mode: strong light/low light/flash/side light


Function Introduction


1. Seat belt cutter
The flashlight has a built-in cutter, which does not affect normal use. A flashlight can be prepared in the car, and the seat belt can be easily cut off in an emergency.

2. Window-breaking hammer
Comes with a safety hammer, in case of emergency, you can smash the safety hammer vertically to the window and break out of the window.

3. Side lights
The flashlight includes a side light, combined with the 4 magnets included on the top of the flashlight, which can be attached to iron products for lighting, freeing hands.

4. Can be used as a power bank
When the flashlight has electricity, it can be used as a power bank to charge the mobile phone using the usb data cable.