ABS Plastic Disc Brake Caliper Cover Car Decor



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Product Description

Size: 24cm Long, 6CM Width

Package include: One


Installation Guide:
1. Remove the wheels and clear the stock caliper housing.
2. Apply some silicone glue between caliper cover kit and caliper housing (Use the high Quality Silicone Glue (durable with high temp).
3. Attach the caliper cover kit to the caliper housing.
4. Move the caliper cover kit to the suitable position and fix it with temporary paper tape.
5. Apply High Temp Resistance Silicone Sealer to the outside of your existing Brake Calipers (do not let the glue touch the brake pads) and hold in place for 2-4 hours (example below) while on the vehicle.
6. Allow the silicone glue to dry.
7. Reattach the wheel and spin the wheel to check the clearance.
8. You’re Finish!