Electric Fishing Floats Rechargeable CR425 Battery for LED Fishing Buoy Tackle Accessories USB two hole charger


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Product Description

Electric Fishing Floats Rechargeable CR425 Battery for LED Fishing Buoy Tackle Accessories
1. Fully charged, high brightness, easy to carry and easy to use.
2. The battery and USB need to be used together, please do not use this USB to charge ordinary CR425 batteries.
3. It can be charged more than 100 times, note that the volume is 15mA.
4. The blue light is on when charging, and the red light is on when fully charged.
5. It can be charged by different charging devices (such as cars, mobile phones, mobile power supplies, PCs, etc.)

1 x USB Dual Hole Charger
2 x CR425 Rechargeable Batter

Electronic float charging instructions
Question 1: What light is on when charging? How long can it be full?
Answer: The new charger displays red or blue light when charging. It can be fully charged every 4-8 hours.
Question 2: Why does the new battery that I just received have no power?
Answer: After the rechargeable battery is produced, whether it is used or not, it is a process of discharging. After the customer receives the product, there is still electricity due to the speed of the discharge, and some are very small. It needs to be recharged before use, which also helps to extend battery life.
Question 3: Why can’t the power bank be charged?
Answer: Because the charging power consumption of the rechargeable battery is too small, the power bank cannot be activated at all, and it cannot be charged. Please try to use the mobile phone charger to connect and charge.

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