3D Wall Sticker Imitation Brick House Decoration Waterproof – 77*70CM Per pc


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Product Description

• Easy DIY self-adhesive wallpaper

• On-trend 3D brick design

• Color: As Image
• Easy-clean waterproof wall covering

Peel-and-stick application for fuss-free redecoration

No messy glue, paste or water needed – just pull off the backing and add to a clean and dry surface.

Wipe-clean waterproof wallpaper for high-traffic rooms

Just use a damp cloth to remove food splashes, grubby fingerprints and muddy boot marks.

Odor-free XPE foam cotton with no heavy metals, formaldehyde or harsh chemicals

The wallpaper doesn’t include harmful substances.

Usage and Care

This wallpaper is only suitable for flat and smooth walls and surfaces, such as plaster, tiles, wood, paint, smooth concrete, glass, stainless steel and plastic panels. It’s not suitable for uneven or rough walls, areas with a lot of moisture or powdery surfaces.